David Chaim Smith – The Sacrificial Universe

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Mystic, artist, and author David Chaim Smith returns to the show in podcast episode 115 to discuss his groundbreaking new book The Sacrificial Universe, published by Fulgur Esoterica.

The Sacrificial Universe by David Chaim Smith

“Triple construct used on the cover of The Sacrificial Universe. It is a biomorphic evocation of BeYeA (Briah, Yetzirah, Assiah), the worlds of conventional cognition. Isolating it gives the opportunity to reassess the triune fluidity called ‘reality’ by the perceptually fixated.”

Smith begins by telling how The Sacrificial Universe has three levels which are investigated simultaneously – intellectually through essays, mathematical equations that pose associative suggestions, and the mysticism of ecstatic devotion. All these levels are designed allow the reader to access his highly esoteric, symbolic, dynamic, and biomorphic art for mystic contemplation. He admits that this book is a compendium of years of private practice that he is now making public. Personally, I find David’s artwork and writing to be inspiring because it’s so original, radical, mystical, and thought-provoking. The Sacrificial Universe provides all of it in one beautiful text.

One Ground Two Paths by David Chaim Smith

“Produced as a lavish small folio with generous margins and a classic typographic style, The Sacrificial Universe presents David’s key artworks of the last four years as full-page images, with the triptychs and quadriptych offered as folding plates. The complex and evocative iconographic symbolism is also explored through commentaries. And yet The Sacrificial Universe is more than a homage to those seventeenth century books of hermetic mysticism. Structured according to the classic kabbalistic text Sefer Yetzirah, The Sacrificial Universe may be approached on three levels (world, year, and soul) to offer the reader a view of gnostic surrender within a vision of the self-consuming nature of phenomena.”

David talks about his intention to create a forum to address that which is essentially beyond conceptual thought – using words, numbers, and symbols. He explains that the basic approach his work takes is, “that the universe and all phenomena are always beyond static conception – no thing, or non-thing, has any permanent or independent existence, including the mind and … God.”

“The ultimate sacrifice is the offering of appearance itself. It gives itself over to oblivion through continual change, banishing one presentation of forms through the evocation of the next. It offers itself to itself, for itself, by itself, and through itself. But what is meant by ‘itself ’? Beyond existence and non-existence, reality and unreality…the truth of the sacrifical gesture cannot be rightly called by any name. It is concealed in the symbolism of the consuming fires of the temple, and is present in the smoke of the incinerated flesh which gives itself over to the open sky as a ‘pleasant offering’. This offering is repeated infinite times throughout infinite moments, in an indivisible continuum that is replete everywhere and in everything. It is a presentation of sheer gnostic delight presented to no one, nowhere, feeding the secret fire of irrational beauty with the ultimate explosive mutability. A fleeting dream dreaming itself which cannot be reached. Death and birth pose as hollow rumors, to cover that which no sane individual can bear.

Yet the sublime invitation is whispered
always by mute lips to deaf ears.”

-from The Sacrificial Universe by David Chaim Smith

The Sacrificial Universe by David Chaim Smith

Smith also espouses the virtues of the primary inspiration of much of his work – The Fountain of Wisdom, a thirteenth century text from the school of Isaac the Blind. Then he talks about the differences between non-dual gnostic realization and conventional perception, meaning the mind’s constructs – inert reflex habit, as opposed to free-flowing, continually in-drawing gnostic expression.

I highly recommend David Chaim Smith’s The Sacrificial Universe. Whether your interest is in mysticism, esoteric artwork, Kabbalah, sacred geometry, human consciousness, fine books, or any combination thereof, you’re sure to enjoy this marvelous tome!

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David Chaim Smith

The Sacrificial Universe by David Chaim Smith

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The Fountain of Wisdom tr. by Mark Verman

The Kabbalistic Mirror of Genesis: Commentary on Genesis 1 – 3 by David Chaim Smith (also available directly from Daat Press)

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  • Michael D. March 24, 2012, 11:15 PM

    Greg, another great show! And the pictures you used in the show notes are awesome! Thank you for the time and effort you put into this show. The love and passion you have for the topics you cover really shows. It is thanks to OoP that I found Dr. Paul Clark’s F.L.O. in which I have now been a probationer for the last few months. Keep up the Great Work Greg, OoP has been a huge positive influence in my life for the last few years!

    • gkaminsky March 25, 2012, 8:19 PM


      I’m very grateful that you appreciate the presentation of each episode and the time and energy that goes into it. I only hope the quality that I aspire to reach reflects a small glimmer of the of the works (or Work) being discussed. David Chaim Smith has also gone above and beyond, making these shows standout. I have an undeniable affinity for his work, and I’m sure that’s a factor.

      I’m also grateful that you chose to further explore one of the paths featured on the show and wish you the best of luck, Michael! Dr. Clark and his work with the F.L.O. is quite influential to me. That was my initial link to Paul Foster Case’s work and my subsequent Tarot studies.

      And thank you for your sharing and your encouragement. Please know that I feel privileged to play a role in creating this show which has been so influential in the way you describe.

  • winston March 25, 2012, 10:41 PM

    ‘if the doors of perception were cleansed..’

  • Michael March 5, 2013, 3:27 PM

    …Genius. I wish I could sit down with David Smith and discuss anything and everything.

  • Dennis Murray September 28, 2016, 12:13 AM

    I am reading your book on Genesis 1-3, wonderful! Have you ever studied Buddhism? Your description of simultaneous perception, and light and space, etc., they would love it, and the non-duality of subject and object, hard to explain in words, but necessary to understand in mysticism. I will be going over it for some time.

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