Neil Kramer, Antidote to the Un-Reality Broadcast

Mystic and philosopher Neil Kramer returns to the show in podcast episode 114 with an incisive analysis of current events and the state of the world. Although we recorded this interview in August 2011, the issues we discuss are just as relevant today, if not more so. To begin the interview Neil examines the concept of normality, noting that a shift in perspective about what is normal sets many on their path.

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Kramer dares to ask the question – who is manufacturing and packaging normality? He also notes that normality is essentially a broadcast of governance that is ultimately inauthentic and false.


In addition, economic, political, and social upheaval have the potential to expose fractures in the foundations of the concept of normality. Neil also makes the point that we all share some level of responsibility for the state of our world. From that supposition, he makes the assertion that if the outer world is a reflection of the inner, we must begin to change our world by changing ourselves.

riot police

Neil remarks on the way this principle is illustrated by astrology, noting the 2011 England riots occurred as positions of the stars and planets were conducive to this very activity. He goes on to analyze these riots and some of the underlying social and economic causes. One can also draw analogies between the climate in England that Kramer describes and the impetus for uprisings across the Middle East, the Occupy movement in the United States, and other protests and war escalation around the world.

Carpetright store after Tottenham riots

Kramer then confronts the potential apocalyptic vision of economic or social collapse with the observation that the material world is not all there is and we can learn, through inner work, to shift consciousness to higher states. He also observes that radical changes in society and individuals which are now occurring indicate a cyclical change affecting the earth.

Juno Temple, Agrigent by Caspar David Friedrich

Kramer ends on a hopeful note by mentioning that there has been no other time in humanity’s history when so many people are connecting and becoming more aware of the world and themselves.

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The Unfoldment: The Organic Path to Clarity, Power, and Transformation by Neil Kramer

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9 thoughts on “Neil Kramer, Antidote to the Un-Reality Broadcast

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  2. Michael D.

    Great show Greg. Mr. Kramer is always an interesting guest to listen to. I think he has very good insight and is well spoken. Thanks for another great show :-)

    1. gkaminsky Post author

      You’re most welcome Michael. I’m grateful that you enjoyed it! I think Neil’s articulation of mystical concepts and their relation to the real world is inspiring.

  3. Johannes

    Hi Greg
    Very inspiring episode. I have hoped for a return of Neil since the last time he was on.
    In general, i want to express my appreciation for your great work and effort you have put into this beauty of a podcast. Your thoughtful way of dealing with different guests and subjects is a joy to listen to. Thank you.
    Also, when you last had Lon Milo Duquette on, you mentioned the quotation :”If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do no bring forth will destroy you”. This quote has had a profound impact on me.

    Other than that mentioned I would like to ask you to please have more people like Neil Kramer on in the near future and talk more about current topics like…well…It’s pretty insane what goes on in the world at the moment in my opinion, and it seems to get more crazy by the minute. Have you read about the NDAA and especially the recent NDRP? To me this and many many countless other things over the last couple of years lead me to believe that there has been built up a circumstantial prerequisite and a legal and physical infrastructure to deal with coming events (maybe a huge war, economic collapse, epidemics…), that will change the face (partly totally staged/set up and partly taking advantage of the inevitable by guiding it in wanted directions as much as possible )of not just the US but other parts of the world as well. To many this still might sound quite paranoid, but to me not at all.
    My point is, there is quite a bunch of alternative media nowadays covering such subjects. As much as I appreciate many of such sites, most of them appear to be ignorant, biased or misguided when it comes the occult. People who have a background in the occult treating occult themes respectfully seem to be quite rare in this , well call it “conspiracy”-field, at least as I know. That’s all. Thanks.

    Regards from Switzerland

    1. gkaminsky Post author


      I want to thank you for listening to the show and taking the time to comment. I appreciate that very much! I’m very grateful you enjoy the show and please know that I feel privileged to be able to do it.

      That quote is from the Gospel of Thomas (#70) –, which has had a profound impact upon me as well.

      The topics of current events, dystopia, and conspiracy in relation to human consciousness have been fairly consistently explored here at OoP. I’m glad you are looking for more. In addition to the two episodes with Neil, there are a few previous episodes that address these topics. Here’s a list:

      In addition, I highly recommend my good friend Kentroversy‘s web sites: and His esoteric knowledge and understanding was far beyond my own and you’ll see that he was primarily concerned with these same subjects for which you’re seeking more coverage.


  4. Donivian

    I am curious if (as you layout images of today’s ruins next to images of much older civilization’s ruins) the statement that we have never been to such a level of communication and understanding of the world is accurate. Isn’t it possible that we have been at this realization before (possibly even more advanced technologically)? It seems to me as I go back through history that I see philosophers and idealists coming up with whole religions or complete works of science based upon similar awakenings. Perhaps the direction doesn’t stay true as long as we would hope this one will, but I do believe we have seen (and possibly not seen) similar, if not more complete, enlightenment before. In my opinion this is one of many previous and yet to come parts of an undulation of humankind’s gradual and somewhat inconsistent progression.

    1. gkaminsky Post author

      Donivian – First of all, thank you for your thoughtful comment and please accept my apologies for the late reply. I think your point is well taken – it is possible that we (as a species) may have been advanced technologically and at a high level of communication in the distant past, or pre-history. While this is speculation on my part, it is based upon the work of researchers such as Laird Scranton, Hancock, Bauval, Cremo, et al. In my opinion, humanity’s progression would mirror the forms of formation and growth in nature that we observe as a spiral. Civilizations rise and fall, as do all human creations. Perhaps what we should be questioning is our conception of progress and all that entails.

  5. rubaphilos

    An extremely lucid, intelligent and articulate snapshot of the most important issue of our time. I enjoyed listening to Neil Kramer’s podcast enormously … and would love to hear more.

    1. gkaminsky Post author

      Thank you Rubaphilos! That is high praise indeed … and I couldn’t agree more. I hope to have Neil back sooner, rather than later.


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