It is both a privilege and a pleasure for me to produce Occult of Personality.

Even though these podcasts are free to listen and download, they are expensive to create and distribute. Each episode requires a minimum of 65 hours (and often longer) for logistics, research, recording, editing, and post-production. As of podcast 145, well over 11,000 hours have been spent on this project. Not to mention the extensive funds required for web hosting and bandwidth to allow thousands of downloads every month.

Please sponsor one or more episodes in order to maintain the web site and allow me to continue bringing you new podcast episodes. Your donations help to defray the costs involved, including all the time it requires.

If you enjoy listening to these recordings, want them regularly, and find them useful, please become a sponsor by clicking on the PayPal Donate button and making a contribution. Whatever amount you deem appropriate is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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