A Seer in Albion

[private]Originally published on July 11, 2007

Researcher, writer, truth seeker, and seer Ellis Taylor reveals some very important information that has been long forgotten – until now. The subjects of numerology, symbolism, etymology, mythology, and cosmology are treated reverently, but not in a heavy or overbearing way. With “In These Signs Conquer”,  Taylor has turned in a masterful tome that will raise your spirit and enlighten your mind.

It is also interesting that throughout the book, Taylor describes a spiritual battle that continues to take place both within and all around us. This ancient occult blood feud is a meta-theme through which to view the world and its history. This journey takes the reader from the farthest reaches of our solar system to the deepest recesses of their own soul. Yet another distinctive feature of this book, and Taylor’s work in general, is that it does not come to any conclusions. He simply tells the story with the relevant facts without trying to convince. This tends to open up space for the reader to decide what, if anything, to believe. If nothing else, the information presented here is worthwhile because it is so thought provoking. Ihighly recommend Ellis Taylor’s In These Signs Conquer: Revealing The Secret Signs An Age Has Obscured.

Ellis Taylor was kind enough to sit down for an interview about his book, work, and life. Considering just how phenomenal and rare this all is, you’re in for quite a treat. So settle back in your chair and get ready…

What is the main purpose and intention of your work?

These are actually much bigger questions than they appear to be at first and they are ones that I cannot answer fully at this time.

There have been several stages in my life where I thought, ‘Yes, this is it! This is what it has all been for and this is why I am here’ – only to discover that I had merely taken another step on a long, often hazardous and strange, journey. A journey that has encompassed many, many lifetimes, I should add. But then, I am not by any means unique in this. I think that every one of us have similar pass-ages, though with different purposes… and inevitably, experiences, of course.

It seems, if I understand correctly, that most souls’ assignments are designed to complete and converge at an ultimate juncture, predestined if you like, but not necessarily at the same time as every other.  Of course, part of the responsibility of every soul is to inspire every other but amongst the souls who influence this reality some have a distinct responsibility to trigger in myriad ways the dormant (or suppressed) aptitudes that are present in every human being. It appears that I am one of the latter.

A significant truth that current convention does not understand yet is that we catalysts have by necessity a less retentive mind compared to everyone else. We are channels, fashioned to facilitate the free flow of information as it arrives. If we were to store everything we perceived the ensuing dam would prevent us from doing what we are equipped, and intended, to do. It is an important explanation for why seers et al rarely excel in school exams – and why they often decline or perform poorly when asked to conform to strictures or repeat data at a later date. In fact anything that may be considered materially valuable is a hindrance because along with that ownership comes responsibility for them, and a focus on that, and these concerns build their own dam. Having said that, Creation, in order to bring about some balance and sense, has recently been introducing new souls who are endowed with the ability to walk in both worlds more efficiently. I often see similarities with the state or progress of human consciousness and the advances of computer technology; an analogy can be made with the recent introduction of dual-core processors.

I have conscious recollections of a number of my past lives (and deaths). Not once have I died a natural death (from old age). I have been a priest (several times), a soldier, a prince (in Scotland), a student (in London), a white woman (in Africa) and many times I never survived my childhood. I had three lives in the 20th century including this one. Some of the details of my memories I have been able to verify to my satisfaction.

Something else that has always accompanied my incarnations is a propensity to slip between worlds and participate with the beings that inhabit them. It is rarely something I have made any conscious efforts to do. For me they just happen; and on occasions they have been downright terrifying – at the time that is.  For some reason I recover from the trauma immediately but unfortunately my memories of them are scant. They told me once, ‘We do not understand why you are so frightened.’ Well, if they’d have been just lying in bed reading and strange beings came and launched them through a window and took them to God knows where then returned them with drawings and scars on their bodies and feeling like they’d been run over by a truck I think they’d understand. They do try to soothe me though, bless ‘em. ‘Peace. No harm,’ they’ll say.

I’m a natural medium as well and it is something that I feel I would like to do more of. No end of spirits have appeared to me with messages or sometimes just wanting me to tell whoever I am with that they are there. I love that. One of the really profound things about this for me is that they are usually immediately corroborated so provide both comfort and substantial proof of continued life after death.

These kinds of things are what give me my knowing, not my belief, in the afterlife and other worlds and entities. Their unequivocal reality inevitably enhances and informs my life, my perceptions, my understandings, my views, my research and my writing. There is so much that I just know but I can’t explain. So many things that I have always taken for granted and been surprised are not common knowledge. I have always talked about my experiences. It never occurred to me that they were unusual and it wasn’t until I started to go public in the media that I encountered any hostility. It pissed me off but not for long. Wisdom is never dictated to by ignorance.

So, after wandering away from the question perhaps, I suppose I could say that the main purpose and intention of my work is twofold but concurrent. They are to present fresh ideas to demonstrate how intricately linked we all are to everything else, to show what a truly awesome privilege this experience called ‘life’ is; and to reawaken our knowledge of how exceptionally gifted we humans are.

For the few – but encouragingly growing in number – who are astute enough to recognise the meanings in the often very deep messages I relay it hopefully inspires them to recognise their own connections. I unconsciously (and often intentionally) use vocabulary that can be understood at different levels; most all of them being relative to the subject. I think it is to impart more information than language alone can communicate. To efficiently understand what someone is saying (or not saying) it is vital to employ every sense we have while listening and/or watching them, or reading what they have to say.

It is encouraging for me when readers of my work tell me that they have felt obliged to reread something at a later date and having done that grasped a deeper and sometimes entirely different perspective than they had done the first time. I do acknowledge that nearly everything I write is inspired so for me to say ‘I wrote something’ or ‘my work’ is not entirely correct. I also accept that many people through past and present societal and personal environmental circumstances are sadly incapable of seeing at the moment. But then, that is the great thing about books. They have an enduring potential that the internet is unlikely to ever have and because of this their messages remain available for many years. The net is an alarmingly vulnerable medium.

I always aim to leave readers with questions and hopefully more than they had before they started. I do not consider it possible to provide answers to the meaning of life etc because there are none really, and certainly not ones that apply to everyone. There are only questions – quest-i-(am) on. The meaning of one’s life, even life, will always be a question. Life is the greatest mystery (my-story), so it is a personal journey and many aspects of it may, and will be specific and meaningful to one person or just one particular path.

For all those unfamiliar, would you please define Albion and its significance?


Albion is an anciently used name for the British Isles and although a Latin dub it derives from their word alba meaning ‘white’ and thus segues well with the earlier Celtic names such as Alba or Albany (Scotland) and Yr Alban (Wales), which also mean ‘white’. What ‘The Isles’ were known as prior to this is a mystery but there is an intriguing hint deemed to us.

A 2,500-year-old merchants’ book, the Massaliot Periplus used by traders from Phoenicia and Tartessus (in Iberia) calls Albion ‘Ierne’. Unfortunately the book exists no more but a Roman poet copied extracts from it in the 4th century. This ancient name accords very well with the remote name for Ireland – Eriu or Erin; a name that means ‘peace’.

Place names deriving from ‘white’ abound throughout ‘The Isles’ and together with the Welsh and Scottish names make a nonsense of the theory that Albion is named after the white cliffs of Dover. Clearly there must be a far more pervasive reason why the early occupants of these lands associated them with ‘white’. It is clear to everyone that the earliest inhabitants of ‘The Isles’ had an intense spiritual connection to their environment so I would suggest that rather than going for the bleedin’ obvious (the white cliffs of Dover) we instead examine what it is that the colour ‘white’ traditionally represents. White is associated with grace, spirituality, peace, reflection, nurturing, brightness, purity, virtue, and innocence. And then ‘white’ is not one colour at all but the sum of all of the colours in the visible spectrum. It is a description of the true Goddess, the hidden white of the inner light – intuition and imagination. It makes sense to me that the Ancients of these lands called out to the world, “The Goddess lives here!”

Throughout, the landscape, names and iconography of ‘The Isles’ are references to white, peace and very revealingly, the Goddess. She might go by various names but they are only descriptions of aspects of her character as the Ancients saw them or later lingual and cultural changes (mostly) by invading blow-ins. The name itself, is born from the great Goddess known variously as Bride, Brigit and Bridget. From this we get Britannia. Until recently Britannia graced the reverse of our penny coins, our coppers, a metal associated with the goddess Venus. This familiar portrayal of Britannia is intriguingly reminiscent of the shape of mainland Britain. Indeed the premier river of England, the Thames, is alternatively called ‘The Isis (I-siss, Venus). The Goddess, who she is and how she has been portrayed are major themes in my book, ‘In These Signs Conquer ~ Revealing the secret signs an Age has obscured’.  And she is rising once more in the hearts and minds of humankind across the globe because now, more than we have for a very long time, we need Her. She is the natural counterbalance to the gross, materialistic view and agenda that currently assaults every facet of our lives.

This acknowledgement of the power of our Goddess, and the attendant devotion to what it is that she represents, has always been, and still is, wrought with danger. Only courage and a true heart will succeed. The Seige Perilous is unforgiving but it offers itself to us all. And, do you know, we can all take up that seat, we can do it. We, every one of us have it in us to be Galahad.

Sir Galahad

There have been many who have taken up the challenge and they include da Vinci and the even more remarkable (in my view) Francis Bacon. One person I haven’t mentioned much, but perhaps should have done more, was the visionary poet and artist William Blake who left us a wealth of clues to our travails, our heritage and our destiny. One line in his poem, ‘Jerusalem’ conveys this significant message:

‘All things begin and end in Albion’s ancient, Druid rocky shore’.

I have lived in or near Oxford in for most of my life and from my observations it is now clear to me why this has been so. This ancient city built on books; to where the greatest minds amongst humankind (I don’t mean me in case you’re wondering) have been drawn and dispersed, for 800 years, is presumed to be the symbolic womb of the Earth. At Oxford the River Cherwell (Spring of Love) and The River Isis (Thames) meet and then flow down through London and into the North Sea between the counties of Essex and Kent. The latter county name, Kent, the Garden of England, being derived from the same root as (avert thine eyes if you can’t take the truth) cunt. And this is very telling because the mouth of the Thames is the vulva of the Goddess, the river itself is the birth canal and the swollen land mass of East Anglia, her belly.  To cut a long story short, Oxford is deemed to be where the New Age will be conceived in an anciently conceived plan.

Long ago Carfax (meaning four ways – or the force of four) in the centre of Oxford was promoted as ‘the geographical centre of England’. This was because Merlin had said that Oxford was the centre of Albion but what he meant was that the lands upon which Oxford sits are the spiritual heart of Albion. In those days this was a landscape of marsh, islands and networks of streams – the mists of Albion, so sacred that no buildings were allowed. T’was here that Merlin told of two dragons that fought out of sight (under ground). Yet again he was misinterpreted over centuries of retelling. One was a white dragon and the other a red dragon. In the Welsh Mabinogion it is said that Llud discovered them under Carfax and took them back to Wales. But this teaching applied not to real creatures but to the white dragon of the Isles, the Goddess, to imagination and inspiration and the fateful assault by the red dragon of the Darkness, materiality, ego, greed and intellectualism. It was a prescient warning of the coming of the Piscean Age and what not only Oxford and Albion were to suffer (and apparently condone and nurture) but the world too. As Blake said, ‘All things begin and end in Albion’s ancient, Druid rocky shore’.

Your insights about numerology are astounding to me. Are these things obvious to you, do you have to work at it, or the process something altogether different?


Throughout my life I have had countless experiences that have not fitted with the decreed doctrine of reality. I’d always just taken them for granted, accepted them and not given them any deep consideration. This all changed in the early 90s when I had a Damascus moment which, looking back, catapulted me into the work I am doing now. Following this, instead of the steady stream of supernatural events I was used to I was all of a sudden engulfed in them. I was being made to recognise and appreciate true reality instead of wandering about in the somnambulist state I now recognise I was in. People came into my life, often in bizarre circumstances, and usually for a brief moment, who encouraged me to look into things that I’d given no attention to previously. One thing that happened was that I met a woman who started telling me, out of the blue, about numerology. She insisted on giving me two books on it. I took them home and read them. Immediately I could see that there was something to it so I began giving readings to friends and family. Everyone was impressed but I had a strong feeling that something was lacking, though I couldn’t put my finger on it at the time. Anyway, I carried on my studies and gradually new insights came to me. At the same time I studied the Tarot in depth, and spiritual healing and astrology to a degree, and later hypnotism.  It dawned on me that in fact I was not learning these things but rather re-learning them. Veterans of all of these disciplines, who I met, were astounded at the insights and apparent knowledge that I had when they knew I was, to all intents and purposes, just a novice. Many of them came to me for private readings.

I found that I would awake after meditation, sleep, even day-dreaming with new information; not just applicable to numerological processes but to every facet of life.  I applied these teachings to my life and my perceptions exploded into what I can only describe as a multidimensional view of possibilities that nevertheless exist within a designated structure. (It is very hard to describe something like this to the satisfaction of intellect. To understand it requires the innate multidimensional capabilities that we all have but rarely use.)

Eventually, through writing very often (I trance write really), I learnt that written language, the alphabet, is a darkly-designed mind-control system and this is why numerology works. Our letter and numerical systems actually curtail our subliminal abilities to transverse and interact with other realms. They clip our wings then. Numerology is a valuable device, and a valuable ally, if properly understood. The Science of Numbers, as it is also called, is a means of describing frequencies, vibrations and resonance as they are recorded in the sound, light and other impulses etc of a word, name and date. Numerology lifts the veil and reveals the real motives behind everything that occurs within the universe as it is recognised by humans. It is another remarkable clue to the extraordinary abilities we humans have always had because this science has been around for thousands of years.

Like so called supernatural events, esoteric knowledge is now being explained remarkably well by Quantum Science, much to the chagrin of the gatekeepers of Castle Darkness, posing as sceptics.

Please write a few words about “The Darkness,” as you call this Saturnian force, and how it affects us all. What is one way we can begin to fight it within ourselves?

The full title is The Darkness Invisible. It is a light that hides within light, a false light, one that poses as The Light. Rather than nourish us it feeds off us.

Long confused memories (or psychic information) had left traces in the mythology of our forebears of inter- solar and planetary activity that resulted in Saturn (‘the man’ in Genesis) being cast out of the garden and a new sun taking its place (‘The Adam’). To them it suggested that a New Age had begun, not an astrological Age but an etheric one – a change from one realm of existence to another. They viewed it, in accordance with their observations, as part of the eternal cycle of birth and rebirth; what once was will come again; and they feared this one. It was an Age that bore monsters, creatures that had terrorised humans. In fact some of them had developed into highly intelligent, though emotionless predators (though thankfully not all of them). Their time had come however and Creation had ordained that it was now humanity’s chance to see how they could better look after the Earth.

Because nothing ever dies but just moves over (and that goes for whole species too) the dinosaurs and their ilk did not become extinct and their consciousness continues. Most of them reside in another realm (dimension) now but occasionally though accident, dint or desire they are able to visit ours. What concerned our ancestors was that these former Lords of the Earth being the territorial beasts they are might still consider this planet their home and attempt to wrench it back. They weren’t wrong!

Although, especially throughout this now (thankfully) failing Church-suppressed Age, we have abandoned the authenticity of eternal cycles and reincarnation our earlier forebears were much wiser, and they were cautious of what might manifest or re-manifest. Reincarnation applies to everything and that includes environments both earthly and cosmological.

The planet Saturn became the symbol of this fearsome force both to those who feared it as well as those who cheered it.

Some thought it more prudent to appease this glowering pretender rather than ignore it and from amongst them, yet others, through psychic interaction probably, fully expect it to either return to our perception again or for themselves to be transported to that domain where they will be rewarded for keeping the faith. These are who I term the Dark Ones who (unfortunately for us) control this world and are forever seeking more ways to satiate the insatiable.

There are gates between dimensions that are accessed through frequency attunement. Everyone in early human cultures was aware of them but this knowledge was gradually ceded to the priests alone and after them, through conquest, torture, murder and chicanery, was restricted to a very small number of El-ites who continue to use them. With this, seemingly magical and certainly undetected (by nearly everyone) capability they are equipped to influence events and people in ways that seem impossible to the somnambulists that make up the vast majority of today’s human population. Every outrage they manufacture is food for the Beast – and kudos for the Dark Ones, they believe.

Through these gates too come the possessive entities that beset human beings who for one reason or another hold attraction for them.

What is one way we can begin to fight it within ourselves? Run for the hills man! And don’t look back! Nuh! Not really, I’ve tried that and it don’t work (pardon the Oxonian). This does though:

Remind yourself that YOU ARE INTENDED TO BE HERE and IT IS NOT. That is a confirmation of your spiritual integrity and your Creator-given right to free passage without hindrance. We are all on a divinely ordained mission. Any challenge to that is, by definition, evil (distorted ‘live’).  With this realisation comes respect for every other inhabitant of our reality so we have to accept that we will not hinder any other’s passage either. Abuse of this comes in many guises from ownership of land to control of people’s thinking and anything else where one is the winner and someone else loses out. There is such a thing as fair exchange and there isn’t anything wrong with that.

Learn to discern the difference between instinct and intuition. Instinct is something that we have learnt through earthly and inherited experiences and is important as a mechanism that is designed to safeguard our personal and special physical survival. Intuition is the device whereby we are given ideas and insights, from the Great Unconscious, into the future and panoramic views of circumstances we have not experienced before. It is closely aligned to imagination which derives from the same source and enables us to travel into worlds outwith this physical one as well as into the Great Unconscious. Both are super-tools that we have been given and they are specifically designed to recognise and counteract subliminal attack and provide access to spiritual assistance. But, it is almost like ‘use them’ or ‘lose them’. Almost, but not really. Like any talent they require discipline and practice to get the best out of them. Contemplation, quiet, day-dreaming and meditation are the prime means by which we enhance these abilities.

Some of us do these things easily but for others this is not so. Being bound up in materialist, intellectual or physical tasks and desires tends to big-up the me, the ego, the intellect, which is an aspect of the conscious mind that likes to think it knows all there is to know. This is the target area of the Darkness which, once it takes hold it becomes visible as an inflated ego that can’t abide anything it has no experience of and insists that no one else should either. If people are caught up in this then please give yourselves a break, give the old intellect a holiday do something that requires YOUR imagination. It isn’t about having an open mind but rather flexible, fully functioning minds.

In an effort to balance, please describe “The Goddess” and how this force also affects us. What is one way to become more receptive to this energy?


Hopefully, I’ve already answered that one in the above. The Goddess is our imagination and intuition.

Would you please describe your relationship with Merlin and how being mentored aided your work?


Long, long ago I sat on a Scottish mountain precipice one night with Merlin and we watched a shooting star. He told me then that he was my brother and that the falling star was once our home.  It was called Mininova, he told me. He seemed old then but he looks much older now. I thought ‘How can you be my brother?’ I seemed too young. I was but a boy.

Merlin has been around forever it seems. He is my teacher. He told me once that ‘Merlin’ means teacher. He has never said, as far as I can recall, that he is the Merlin of King Arthur legend but I like to think he might be. He looks like what we would expect him to look like – a lot like Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings films, as played by Sir Ian McKellen too. Mostly though, I never see his face but just feel his powerful presence. He can also materialise as someone who looks completely different. I have a long standing relationship with a being that has so much of the same demeanour and wisdom as Merlin that I suspect it is him. This being is about four feet, or so, tall. He has large black eyes, and a light brownish-fawn skin. His face and his torso (I seem to know – though I don’t remember seeing it) is composed of folds of skin running horizontally. He is always dressed in a white gown, with a hood which he sometimes leaves across his shoulders. He communicates with me telepathically.

My lessons with Merlin have been conducted over many lifetimes. In some he has been a physical presence and in others spectral where I am being encouraged to tune in psychically to see and hear him. He is stern but he has an impish sense of humour too. He enjoys word games.

Not once has he told me what to do he allows me to make my own mistakes and then wryly smiles at them. In other words, ‘You didn’t get that did you?’ It encourages me to be a little more attentive but he still gives me that smile often. One little joke of his is ‘the wheel isn’t the cart, neither is the axle but put both together and you are close to getting somewhere.’

Often he will give me answers rather than questions and then I have to discover the information trail leading from the answer to the question. Then there are times when I start writing something and without realising it I find myself jogging along on a different subject altogether until I realise. When I look over what I’ve written I think ‘Blimey! Did I write that!’ I see them as little gifts. They mean something to me and I can only hope they will have value to others too.

I find your ideas about Sion and the Moon rather compelling and original. This is a notable accomplishment in itself. Would you tell us briefly about Alcyon and the process you went through to arrive at this revelation?

Cor blimey! That’s a very difficult one because I really didn’t have much at all to do with it. It was one of those sessions that I describe in the above answer, whereby the information just flowed out and I followed it as best I could. Once I had it down I did all I could to support what I had been given and then presented it in my book. I have to admit that what came out blew me away. Hopefully in the not too distant future there will be confirmation for us all to see.

I also had several other supernatural events occur during the writing of the book that didn’t have anything to do with the content really. They were more affirmations of presence.

Alcyone is the brightest star in the Pleiades star system which is situated in the constellation of Taurus. It was considered by several ancient peoples to be the central sun of our galaxy and possibly because of this it represented the supreme deity. They may have had other reasons though.

Basically I was told that both Venus and our moon originated in this region. Venus is the serpent in the Old Testament and that it was instrumental in the reorganisation of our solar system. The moon, I was informed, is a hollowed out planetoid that journeyed from the Pleiades following (or during) a cataclysmic war and was set in its orbit around the Earth to replenish the Earth.

What is your opinion of the Saturnian moon Iapetus? IMO, the evidence seems to point to exactly what you’ve said about the Earth’s moon in terms of an artificial, or modified satellite. What role, if any, do you think Iapetus played in this pre-historical drama?

Yes, the Great Wall of Iapetus, for example. When I read about this, some time after the revelations regarding our moon I did wonder whether I had maybe confused information about Iapetus. Channelling information is always wrought with the possibility of error because the intellect is necessarily involved just through the act of manifesting the message. I’m as sure as I can be though that they are different, although of course the Iapetus moon anomalies came to light during the very same time I was writing the book. I suspect that Iapetus is another ship from the Pleiades but I haven’t looked into it. Maybe it is the one that was reported to have dogged our moon during its journey.

From my perspective, it seems we are approaching a fork in the road of humanity’s future. Would you agree, or do you think that our path has already been chosen?


I think we are at a juncture that is similar to what occurred to the dinosaurs as described in a previous answer. I can only relate something which I was told a number of years back during a meeting with otherworld beings. They told me that humanity will continue, the Earth will continue too but certain souls that are currently incarnate when the time comes (not far away they said) will be transferred to another realm, another version of Earth, to start anew. Meanwhile, back on the current Earth everything will carry on as normal. Even the souls who transferred will have an aspect still experiencing Earth life (in this dimension). Nobody will be aware of any change. Humans will be allowed to reap what they have sown.

Can you recommend a book, or books, that were transformative on you as the reader?

Transformative? No. Inspiring yes. Many times it is the stuff one reads that is so way off the mark that can be just as inspiring as the most enlightening of writings. I prefer books that encourage questioning and kindle my imagination; and ones that feel to me as if they are written from the heart. I admire courage, humour and tenacity in a writer. I dislike conclusions, know-it-alls and pomposity.

My very favourite author is Charles Dickens, a writer who had a phenomenally benevolent influence on society that resonates to this day.

Books that have inspired me and some that have gladdened my heart by eloquently describing the things that I have experienced in my lives include, but not in any particular order:

“Anam Cara” by John O’Donohue

“Ley Lines and Earth Energies” by David Cowan and Chris Arnold

“The Secret Diaries of an Alchemist” by Lewis da Costa

“The View from the Abyss” by Brian Allan

“The British Edda”

“Journeys in the Dreamtime” by Neil Hague

“Awakening” by Mary Rodwell

“Bloodline of the Holy Grail” by Laurence Gardner

“Realm of the Ring Lords” by Laurence Gardner

“Woman’s Mysteries” by M. Esther Harding

“The Holographic Universe” by Michael Talbot

“Numerology” by Juno

“Behind Numerology” by Shirley Blackwell Lawrence

Any books by Betty Shine

“The Robots Rebellion” by David Icke

“Jason, My Indigo Child” by Ann Andrews

“Abducted: True Story of Alien Abduction” by Ann Andrews and Jean Ritchie[/private]

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