David Goddard

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David Goddard returns to the show in podcast episode 80. David’s books include The Sacred Magic of the Angels, The Tree of Sapphires, The Tower of Alchemy, and The Dragon-Treasure of Hermes. He is also the co-founder of Rising Phoenix Foundation and was our guest previously in podcast episodes 54 and 62.

Rising Phoenix Foundation

In this interview, David shares his thoughts about Qabalah as the only complete system of esoteric wisdom remaining in the West. Next, he shares his thoughts about how theurgic practice encourages human evolution by helping one reeducate the personality and the subconscious mind. Last, David describes the danger of pride for those on the magical path.

Creation of Light by Gustave Doré

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Podcast 54 – David Goddard

Podcast 62 – David Goddard

Tree of Sapphires: Enlightened Qabalah” by David Goddard

The Tower of Alchemy: An Advanced Guide to the Great Work” by David Goddard

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