Douglas Lain

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In podcast episode 89, we’re joined by author and podcaster Douglas Lain for an insightful and honest discussion about a wide-range of subjects from synchromysticism to overturning the symbolic order.

Douglas Lain

Douglas produces and hosts the Diet Soap Podcast which is “a podcast dedicated to applying imagination and intellect to the multi-dimensional crisis that surrounds us.” He’s also “the author of dozens of short stories and two novels. His work has regularly appeared in nationally distributed literary magazines and journals since 1999, and his first book “Last Week’s Apocalypse” was a collection of these stories published by Night Shade Books. His first novel, entitled “Billy Moon: 1968,” tells the story of Christopher Robin Milne’s fictional involvement with the French general strike in May of 1968, and is due out from Tor Books in 2011. His second novel, entitled “the Brainwash Brand,” is currently under option at Tor.”

Diet Soap

We begin this unique interview by discussing the concept of synchromysticism and our interpretations of its meaning. This served as a launching point for two veteran podcasters to explore each others and our own minds, with a strong focus on inner vs. outer work and the value of each.

Billy Moon: 1968 by Douglas Lain

Douglas also talks about his upcoming writing project, “Pick Your Battle” – what it’s about, why it’s important, and his effort to obtain funding for it through His ideas and unconventional thinking are refreshing and thought-provoking. Although not specifically about esoteric subjects, this conversation was a pleasure and a real gem.

The Writings of Douglas Lain

Diet Soap Podcast

Douglas Lain” Wikipedia entry

Pick Your Battle – (foraging as revolutionary self-help) on

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  • Dan.T July 22, 2010, 6:04 PM

    Fascinating talk – Two very different mindsets funnily with two somewhat similar view points , most fruitful – for me at least.

    I would like to say while its fresh in my mind that the concept of ”you cannot see the real” while (for me) this point is kind of broad and generally true, I couldn’t help the notion building that this metaphor when applied too crudely could be a massive weight on the shoulders.

    In a mental sense it is true, in a physical sense it is clearly true, and yet on another more subtle level it is clearly false. While some could say this is more of a linguistic quibble than anything else I feel that the meta-theme of this concept would come down to, ”Is there anything within me that is real?”

    When seen through this filter I guess my sensation of it is that if we cannot see or mentally perceive ‘the real.’ Can we in anyway interface and interact with it? My being tells me that there is reality, and although my complexes veil this from me (it) is in constant communion with all that it is.

    The concept however did not leave me cold, indeed it allowed me to engage and meet with ‘the other,’ materialized and personified as Doug Lain, and so for that I am thankful.

    Daniel Tatman

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