Frater W.I.T. and “Advanced Enochian Magick”

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Frater W.I.T. returns to the show in episode 67 to discuss his book “Advanced Enochian Magick: A Manual of Theory, Training, and Practice for the Novice and the Adept“.

Advanced Enochian Magick by Frater W.I.T.

We open the conversation discussing the concept of using Magick as a tool for the evolution of human consciousness. Frater W.I.T. talks about the allure and effectiveness of the Enochian system, originally developed by Dr. John Dee and Edward Kelley in 1584. He restates his belief that, “… Thelema is a direct expression of the futuristic ideal of Enochian Magick… [the use of which] …leads to a transcendence of time and space in the material universe. All new pathways of evolution are possible.”

Dr. John Dee

Frater W.I.T. discusses his opinion that well-known criticisms of Enochian Magick are factually incorrect and charges that these are attempts to limit access to empowering methods. He believes that dependence and co-dependence on the path of self-realization is dangerous, and the experience should be liberating and empowering. He talks about Dr. John Dee, Edward Kelley, Aleister Crowley, and the negative perception of occult practitioners in general due to ignorance and medieval thinking. His opinion is that these men suffered not because of Magickal practice, but for a variety of more mundane reasons.

Edward Kelley

Frater W.I.T.’s intention by writing “Advanced Enochian Magick” is to promote the practice of Magick and ultimately help individuals evolve. He wrote this book to serve as a basic guide to those wanting to become proficient in Magick in an independent manner. His book shows not only why and how to practice, but what one should expect as results. By providing an accessible, interesting, and distinct perspective, he is reaching out to more advanced practitioners with new material and trying to inspire neophytes to persevere.

John Dee's Seal of God

Frater W.I.T. talks about the need to view Magick in a modern, scientific context and promotes multi-disciplinary study in order that consciousness may be better understood. He talks about the power of elevated consciousness and projecting it into physical reality by the use of Magickal practice. We finish off the conversation by discussing the concepts of invocation and evocation.

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