Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Ivo Dominguez, Jr., author of Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans: Using the Planets and the Stars for Effective Spellwork, Rituals, and Magickal Work, is our guest in podcast episode 168.

Ivo Dominguez, Jr. is a visionary and a practitioner of a variety of esoteric disciplines. He has been active in Wicca and the Pagan community since 1978 and has been teaching since 1982. Ivo was a founding member of the first coven of The Assembly of the Sacred Wheel, a Wiccan Tradition where he currently serves as one of its Elders.

He is the author of Casting Sacred Space: The Core Of All Magickal Work; Spirit Speak: Knowing and Understanding Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Ghosts, Angels, and the Divine; and Beneath the Skins. Ivo is also a professional astrologer who has studied astrology since 1980 and has been offering consultations and readings since 1988.


The main subject of our interview is Ivo’s most recent book, Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans.

“More often than not, people think of astrology as a tool for divination or the exploration of one’s personality. Astrology is considerably more than that. It is a sacred science, a highly descriptive symbolic language, and it is also a technology that can be applied to ritual, herbalism, the use of crystals, and much more.

“But it can be daunting to take on the study of Astrology. After all, it’s a field so huge it would take several lifetimes to master it. And that’s why Ivo Dominguez, Jr., wrote this book–to provide practitioners of magick with a Pagan perspective on Astrology and the core concepts of Astrology that are most useful to building rituals and creating effective magick.

“When we look at an astrological chart, what we are actually looking at is a map of the multiple planes of existence summarized and flattened into an understandable diagram–a kind of magickal cartogram. Now, what to do with this map? How can we best use it in our magickal work? That’s precisely what you’ll discover in the pages of this concise, focused, and expertly presented book.”


Ivo describes the book as “… a practical handbook for any practitioner of magic to use in building individual rituals and creating the most effective magic.” I’d have to agree. I found this book to be very accessible and easily applicable, bringing the reader a much greater understanding of how to effectively employ astrology with magick. I highly recommend it!


Ivo also spends time talking about the New Alexandrian Library, and all the planning and work that went into this endeavor.

“The NAL is a research and lending library located near Georgetown, DE dedicated to the preservation of books, periodicals, newsletters, music, media, art works, artifacts, photographs, and digital media focused on the metaphysical aspects of all religions and traditions. There is a special focus on the preservation of materials from the Pagan, Polytheist, and Western Mystery Traditions.

“Construction finished in December of 2014 and we are in the process of setting up the shelves, unpacking the books, and preparing all systems to open the doors to the public. Both the building and the land are free and clear of any lien or debt.”

In the Occult of Personality Membership Section, Ivo Dominguez, Jr. talks about the development of psychic abilities and provides a teaching on protection magick. Several listeners have asked to learn more about protective magick and I’m pleased to have a great teacher like Ivo to address this subject.  Join us! Just browse to occultofpersonality.net/membership and Join Now if you haven’t already. Not only will you get access to this great teaching with Ivo, but also more than a hundred other recordings, all while supporting the podcast. 

Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Practical Astrology for Witches and Pagans: Using the Planets and the Stars for Effective Spellwork, Rituals, and Magickal Work by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Casting Sacred Space: The Core Of All Magickal Work by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Spirit Speak: Knowing and Understanding Spirit Guides, Ancestors, Ghosts, Angels, and the Divine by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

Beneath the Skins by Ivo Dominguez, Jr.

New Alexandrian Library

intro music by Paul Avgerinos

outro music – “Bright Stars” by Kurt Hunter

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