Memie Ayat

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In podcast episode 73, we’re joined by Memia Ayat. Memie is a healer, Wiccan, hypnotherapist, and belly dance teacher. She joins us to discuss her diverse interests and how they all fit together.

Memie on left

In the photo above, Memie (left) is surrounded by a strange mist…

Memie begins the interview by describing the path that led her to Wicca and alternative healing modalities. Memie discusses what it is like to be a Witch in the Salem, Massachusetts community.


A highly regarded belly dance teacher, Memie talks about her interest in belly dance, its history, and the sacred symbols created by the movements of the dancer. We then talk about hypnosis, the process and benefits, as well as past life regression. She discusses her work using color therapy and laughter therapy, describing the unique benefits of these alternative healing methods. Lastly, we talk about how her interests fit together in her life and work.

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Belly Dance

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