Occult Digital Mobilization

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In podcast episode 87, we’re joined by Kephra from Occult Digital Mobilization to discuss the free dissemination of esoteric texts on the web.

Occult Digital Mobilization

Kephra explains that Occult Digital Mobilization,or DigiMob, is a collective of individuals virtually gathered together to compile and facilitate the distribution of occult and esoteric texts. He tells how it works, including the intention and mission of the group, the submission process for the quarterly digests, the volume of content, and the technology which allows decentralized distribution, specifically BitTorrent.

Bit Torrent

Whether you agree with their methods or not, Occult Digital Mobilization is worth examining in terms of esoteric study in modern times.

Occult Digital Mobilization

occultmobilization on The Pirate Bay

BitTorrent (protocol)” Wikipedia entry

music by HipGnosis, Darkfold, and Dan-O

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BitTorrent (protocol)

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