Podcast 57 – Congregational Illuminism and Points Chauds

Originally published on March 3, 2009

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In this episode, we are joined by our friend T Allen Greenfield and two more gnostic bishops, +Dositheos and T Naamah. Our initial focus is the history of the Antient et Primitif Rite of Memphis-Mizraim. We talk about the origins of this branch of esoteric Freemasonry and how it has transmuted into a variety of modern strains, this particular one being ecclesiastical and magical. This is illustrated by the close associations of lodges and gnostic churches and the necessity for consecration in the Gnostic and Apostolic Succession for those involved in these points Chauds workings.

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Our discussion then delves into the subject of points chauds.

“… we can roughly define the points chauds (French, lit. “hot points”) as locations on the human body that are “power points,” that can be empowered and/or activated, and that are directly connected with both the subtle body and some source of energy that is external to, or extends beyond the borders of, the human body… Tau Allen Greenfield, the bishop overseeing the current Great Arabia Working of points chauds empowerments, has described the points in connection with “the Quasi-Masonic sexual and mystical empowerment ‘points’ on the human body, part of a lost system of 360 points, possibly of Akkadian-Sumerian origin . . . and carried forward by the lineage of mystical and magical priesthoods to the present time.” Greenfield has delineated the connections between the points chauds system and the Rites of Memphis-Misraim, which he believes to comprise a quarter of the original and lost “primitive” shamanic systems of initiation/empowerment.”
– excerpt from “Points Chauds 101” by Tau Naamah

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Lastly, we talk about congregational illuminism.

“What does it mean to work in free communion? First, one should realize we are here talking about certain underlying principles rather than hard and fast rules. Congregational Illuminism is an open system based upon these principles. Being an open system it is fluid and adaptable rather than rigid and constrained. Free Communion is a verb (i.e. these principles put into practice), or as some may prefer, a particular approach that is adopted to engage in the Work.

Congregational Illuminism is non-hierarchical and non-authoritarian. This means there is no rank or stratification and there is no central authority or “inner circle”. Congregational Illuminism is based on a bottom-up rather than a top-down model. We feel that all too often has it been shown that strict hierarchies within magical organizations have led to petty politics and useless power struggles. We say, do away with all this, level the playing field and focus on the Work. We have no Grand Poobahs. What we do have is an ever-growing number of sincere and dedicated Illuminists who have voluntarily come together in free association with each other to work in unity, openness and peace.

Our goal is Illumination. Our approach is both experimental and experiential. We are not an Order, or a singular organization. Many independent groups have formed. Many individuals contribute in their own ways as well. We view this diversity as a great benefit. We share our gnosis across borders. We peer review our successes and our failures. We feel this approach aids us all in attaining a closer approximation to what is true and to what works. We hold no superstitions sacred. We take a scientific and functional approach to the Work. There is nothing to hide. There are no secrets. There are only our own efforts and struggles towards enlightenment. This is enough.”
– “A Brief Introduction to Congregational Illuminism” by +Dositheos

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