Podcast 63 – “Practical Enochian Magick” with Jason Augustus Newcomb

Originally published on June 5, 2009

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Jason Augustus Newcomb returns to the show in this episode to discuss his book “Practical Enochian Magick” and other subjects.

We discuss the allure and power of the Enochian system and Jason’s practical approach and he talks about the inherent dangers of all Magickal practices.

Jason talks about solar cycles and astrological currents, the coming of Spring, and the current economic crisis. He notes that these situations can be an opportunity for change and self-actualization is the key to success.

Key 16 - The Tower

We also talk about Jason’s views on the art of writing, the need for magicians and self-transformation.

He then addresses Thelema and his experience as a Thelemite.

The Equinox Festival - London June 12 - 14, 2009

The Equinox Festival will be taking place in London from Friday, June 12th through Sunday, June 14th. Raymond Salvatore Harmon joins us to speak about it after the interview.

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