Podcast 65 – Aepril Schaile

Originally published on June 22, 2009

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In this episode, we’re joined by Aepril Schaile. “Aepril is an astrologer, musician and composer, talented dancer and dance teacher, writer and storyteller, mythologist, animal rights advocate, and Witch.” She has been called “an American priestess of the Dark Goddess” and her performances are quite extraordinary. Our conversation begins as Aepril describes her early life and interest in the esoteric. From there we begin talking about her dancing, belly dance, and the combination of mythology, Magick, Astrology, theater, performance, and the creation of Beauty.

Aepril Schaile

Aepril talks about identifying with darker feminine archetypes and how this influences her Work. She provides her perspective on being a Witch, living in Salem, Massachusetts, and some of her teachers and influences.

The conversation turns to Astrology, correspondences, her experience with the insights it provides, and her connection with Plutonic energies. Aepril explains how all of these esoteric and theatrical disciplines fit together for her and, lastly, hopes for the future of that Work.

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Upcoming event: “Descent II: Dances of the Dark Goddess: DESIRE” Saturday, October 10, 2009, 8 – 10 PM, Salem, MA – see link for more details

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intro music by HipGnosis (latest album)

outro music by Aepril Schaile and The Judgement – “A Gathering of Shades”

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