The Cube of Space with Kevin Townley

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In podcast episode 90, we’re joined by author and lecturer Kevin Townley, the foremost authority on the study of the Cube of Space. Paul Foster Case wrote that, “In the study of the Qabalah, there is no more important glyph than the Cube of Space, with perhaps the exception of the Tree of Life.” No other author has illuminated the study of the Cube of Space like Kevin Townley.

The Cube of Space: Container of Creation by Kevin Townley

We begin by hearing about Kevin’s interest and early experience with spirituality, religion, and esoteric studies. From there, we begin to delve into the vast subject that is the Cube of Space. Kevin tells us of the origins of the concept described in the Sepher Yetzirah and the symbolism inherent in this model of creation.

Cube of Space diagram

Townley explains that understanding sacred symbolism, such as that contained in the concept of the Cube of Space, and meditating upon it can cause profound changes in consciousness. His work has also uncovered the intimate connections between the Tree of Life and the Cube of Space through the astrological and Tarot correspondences associated with the Hebrew alphabet.

Meditations on the Cube of Space by Kevin Townley

Townley deserves a great deal of credit for sharing his revelations with the world and this interview can only serve as a very brief introduction to a subject that deserves attention in esoteric study.

In the Occult of Personality Membership Section, Kevin shares his thoughts and opinions about the importance of the institution of Freemasonry, as well as its current condition.

Kevin Townley

The Cube of Space: Container of Creation by Kevin Townley

Meditations on the Cube of Space by Kevin Townley

Sefer Yetzirah” Wikipedia entry

Sepher Yetzirah or The Book of Creation

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