With a focus on authenticity, accuracy, and quality, Occult of Personality peers behind the veil to provide recorded interviews with serious esoteric practitioners, scholars, and teachers from all over the world. Established in 2006, the podcast reaches several thousand listeners each month and has been noted for the quality and depth of interviews.


“I have a handful of occult podcasts I listen to, and I have to say I feel like Occult of Personality is the most consistent and high quality of them. Always great guests, and just as important, Greg Kaminsky is really good at bringing out the best of their viewpoints and material without talking over them or impressing a biased viewpoint on what they are saying.” – NolanVoid, October 22, 2013, https://redd.it/1oxtac

“Occult of Personality has done it again with an extraordinary interview with Rubaphilos Salfluere on Alchemy. In the introduction Greg mentions, “I highly recommend Rubaphilos’ books and have found him to be the clearest, most concise and effective teacher of Alchemy that I have ever encountered. My own rudimentary understanding has grown tremendously since I have become acquainted with his work.” This interview is a second interview with Rubaphilos and based on his second book The Hermes Paradigm (previous interview here). You can read through the description of what topics this interview covers in detail on the Occult of Personality website – no need for me to repeat them again here. But let me say, the way Rubaphilos explains these complex topics and breaks them down into easier to understand explanations using metaphors and examples is something magical in itself. I found myself hanging off almost every sentence in this fascinating interview. Personally, as a new student of Alchemy I have found that this, and Rubaphilos’ previous interview with Occult of Personality, have allowed me to understand, more correctly, the disposition to bring to the study of Alchemy and I feel that the revelations contained in these interviews has enhanced my ability to properly grasp some of these complex concepts that the study of Alchemy entails. If you’re involved in the study of Alchemy in any way I would describe these interviews as essential listening. There are revelations here for the novice and experienced alike. Greg also alludes to an incredible extension of this interview in the membership section, and it surely is. The mind blowing nature of the information there aside, I would encourage anyone contemplating ingestion of alchemical substances to become an Occult of Personality member and absorb the private content that this extended interview contains. I must say an open thank you to Greg Kaminsky for bringing Rubaphilos Salfluere and this awesome elucidation of information to us, as it has, and will have, a very positive impact on the study and comprehension of Alchemy.” – Bon Firehead, April 8, 2013, https://plus.google.com/106143493995863465714/posts/1nNd3QgyBDC

“Amidst finding and sifting through the Occult of Personality podcast, I found myself in a treasure trove of information … all of which has been integral to the learning and alchemical process. Greg has done a tremendous job at bringing in the right kind of guests to his podcast to be interviewed, and is also a respectful host to his guests and allows them to speak freely on topics without being rudely interrupted (quite the contrary with a lot of other podcast hosts). My personal view is that the archives of this podcast will for years be a huge springboard for anyone interested in the esoteric nature of life and forwarding the ever growing Great Work. Kudos to you and your Facebook page for reaching a staggering amount of “likes”! As the program never has a disappointing moment, I often find myself recommending the podcast to my friends of similar interests, and will continue to do so. Occult of Personality is the Prometheus of podcasts – passing the sacred flame to humanity!” – Ian R., July 24, 2013

“Occult wisdom is making a massive comeback, and is evolving with the current collective consciousness. Occult of Personality podcasts give the listeners deep insights into the personalities behind many occult extremes and flavours, without ever allowing the listener to attach to just one definitive due to the vast variety in the shows. Current memes are explored, magicians are coaxed, and nothing is taken for granted, or disregarded. The shows is in perfect balance. I find projections of myself wishing to explore certain caves, and Occult of Personality gives me information from deep within many caves – each with a beacon of light always shining.” – Mark Knight, July 25, 2013

“When I first began listening several years ago, I barely understood the subject matter – but I knew that both the guests and host were well informed and articulate, and the topics always grabbed my attention. With my intellect stimulated, I applied my will to learning more and eventually I, too, became an initiate into one of the ancient paths! Now with ears better suited to hear – I gain even greater enjoyment by listening in on the wonderful conversations that the podcast brings to the world. Keep up the Great Work, Greg – yours is a bright beacon of sanity in these dark times!” – Doug L., July 24, 2013

“I’ve been feeling for a while that I would like to thank and congratulate you on what has become a wonderful source of knowledge, and for some, a focal point for contributing to connection, growth and community – this being your website and podcasts of Occult of Personality. I’ve noticed as well that since the issue of your site being hacked that shut it down a while ago, has actually felt like it contributed to a rebirth of quality and quantity within your work, and the presentation of Occult of Personality in general. I was so happy to see you turn that event into a mechanism of Triumph, even though it must have been very difficult for you as well. The current podcast interview with Craig Williams was really the tipping point for me to contact you and express my gratitude. The quality of this interview was very high, and it also confirmed a growing sense that something within the Western Tradition(s) is maturing and emerging; a platform of cleansing, clarification, and connection perhaps. The quality of the speaker, the interviewer, the presentation, and the audience coming together in a way that participates in not only the Health of a culture and tradition, but also a space within Humanity’s own search for its place, its possibilities, and its Meaning.” – Paul C., March 18, 2013

“I just wanted to send you a few quick words of praise and encouragement. I just started listening to your podcast a couple weeks ago after finding you from a Google search for Lon Milo DuQuette – and I am so glad I found you! I’ve only recently decided to delve into occult knowledge. I am a total beginner, outside of dabbling in the Tarot. I just bought a deck of the Thoth Tarot and Mr. DuQuette’s book on the subject has left me thirsty for more. I am so glad I have found your podcast and web page. I am eternally grateful to you for all the information you’ve put right at my fingertips. I intend to continue listening and will likely be implementing your suggested reading list as I embark on this adventure of the mind. You are so easy to follow for a beginner!” – Trina H., February 6, 2012

“Greg Kaminsky’s Occult of Personality podcast is a rare find – a cut and polished gem hiding in plain sight. My only criticism is that, so far, there has been a conspicuous lack of me.” – Austin Coppock, September 1, 2013, https://www.facebook.com/austincoppockesoteric/posts/10201904814411988

For more information about Occult of Personality, see these interviews conducted with host and producer, Greg Kaminsky:


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