Available Shows

Amodali – Priestess of Babalon

Andrew Phillip Smith – History of Gnsoticism

Andrieh Vitimus – Chaos Magick & more

Angel Millar – Freemasonry and the Western Esoteric Tradition 1

Angel Millar – Freemasonry & Western Esotericism 2

Angel Millar – The Crescent and the Compass

Ascended Masters Discussion

Austin Coppock – Esoteric Astrology

Carl Abrahamsson – Chronicler of Occulture

Christian Giudice – Occultism & Traditionalism in Twentieth-Century Italy

Craig Williams

Craig Williams’ Cave of the Numinous

Craig Williams – Entering the Desert

C.M. Mayo – Metaphysical Odyssey into the Mexican Revolution

Daniel Harms – Lovecraft Mythos, Grimoire Magick, and more

David Beth – Voudon Gnosis

David Chaim Smith – Altar of Burnt Offering

David Chaim Smith – Deep Principles of Kabbalistic Alchemy

David Metcalfe

David Shoemaker – Living Thelema

Derek Hunter

Eastern Thought in the Western Occult World – 2012 Esoteric Book Conference panel discussion

Ethan Indigo Smith

Flambeau Noir International Left-Hand Path Conference 2017

Frater Ashen Chassan

Frater Ashen Chassan – Gateway Through Light & Shadow

Freya Aswynn

Gabriel McCaughry and Helene M. Arts discuss Pillars: The Scalding of Sapientia

Gabriel Roberts

Gary Lachman – Secret Teachers of the Western World

Gary Lachman – Lost Knowledge of the Imagination

Gnosticism with Tau Allen Greenfield

Gordon White – Star.Ships

Gordon White & The Chaos Protocols

Guido Mina di Sospiro

Henry Steel Olcott w/ Mitch Horowitz

IAO131 – Scientific Illuminism

Ivo Dominguez, Jr. – Astrology for Witches and Pagans

James Robert French

Jason Miller

Joscelyn Godwin

Joseph Uccello

Josephine McCarthy – episode 100

Josephine McCarthy

Julian Vayne and Nikki Wyrd

Katie Montana Jordan

K.D.B. – In Memoriam

Lee Gerrard-Barlow

Lon Milo DuQuette’s “Enochian Vision Magick”

Magickal Art in the New Aeon – OCCULT Esoteric Arts Salon panel discussion

Mani Price

Marcus Katz and Tarosophy

Mark Flaherty and Ayahuasca Healing

Mark Knight

Masonic Con 2016 (featuring James Egan & David S. Brody)

Mitch Horowitz and “Occult America” pt.1

Mitch Horowitz and “Occult America” pt.2

Mitch Horowitz and One Simple Idea

Mogg Morgan – Goddess Isis in India & Egyptian Magick

Natan Alexander & the Magickal Art of Tattoo

Neil Kramer, The Cleaver

Neil Kramer, Antidote to the Un-Reality Broadcast

Nevill Drury – The Last Interview: Austin Osman Spare, Rosaleen Norton, and career retrospective

Nicholaj de Mattos Frisvold – Palo Mayombe: The Garden of Blood and Bones

Nick Redfern

Nicki Scully – Esoteric Healing

OCCULT Esoteric Arts Salon


Paul Clark – episode 46

Paul Clark – episode 66

Paul Foster Case w/ Mitch Horowitz

Paul Tisdell

Paul Weston

Paul Weston and the Aeon of Horus

Peregrin Wildoak – Inside the Golden Dawn Tradition

Peter Mark Adams – The Game of Saturn: Decoding the Sola-Busca Tarocchi

Quareia: A New School of Magic for the 21st Century (Josephine McCarthy & Michael Sheppard)

Randall Carlson of Sacred Geometry International

Richard Gavin

Richard Kaczynski – Aleister Crowley Biographer

Robert Podgurski – The Sacred Alignments & Dark Side of Sigils

Robert Sullivan and The Royal Arch of Enoch

Robert Sullivan – Esoteric Cinema Symbolism

Rubaphilos Salfluere

Rubaphilos Salfluere and Hermetic Laboratory Alchemy

Ryan J. Flynn – Masonic Artist

Scott Wolter – The Kensington Runestone & Knights Templar in America

Taylor Ellwood

Timothy Hogan 1

Timothy Hogan 2

Timothy Hogan – The Way of the Templar

Vincent Bridges – Sir Edward Kelley & Enochian Magick

Voices of Modern Gnosticism panel discussion

Whence Came You? Masonic podcast

Wicca – The Ancient Way

William Kiesel of Ouroboros Press

William Kiesel

William Walker Atkinson – w/ Philip Deslippe

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