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In episode number 211, we’re joined again by our good friend, spiritual practitioner, martial artist, and author Craig Williams, to discuss his recent book, Tantric Physics I & II—In One Volume— (Vol.1: Cave of the Numinous Vol.2: Sacred Body, Sacred Space) from Anathema Publishing, Ltd.

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Now, in episode #211, Craig Williams returns to the show to talk about his wonderful book, Tantric Physics, specifically Volume II: Sacred Body, Sacred Space! You can find Craig online at

I want to take a moment to reminisce about how I’ve known Craig personally for 9 years. Since the day I met him, he’s been honorable, straightforward, honest, smart, talented, inspiring, and has had the most intense focus on advancing on his spiritual path of almost anyone I’ve ever met. Craig’s writing and talks inspire his readers and listeners to learn and grow and become better people. I am honored and proud to call Craig my friend. I am also thrilled that he joined us here to discuss Tantra and his book, which is an absolutely amazing two-volume in one that is one of the best books on the subject I’ve read. Whatever your spiritual path, Craig’s work is beneficial because he is describing authentic esoteric view and methods that are designed to and do produce gnosis as the result. I highly recommend Tantric Physics I & II!

First explored in Tantric Physics Vol. I: Cave of the Numinous, the new release from Anathema Publishing, Tantric Physics II: Sacred Body, Sacred Space continues to express the haunting inner realizations of initiatic perceptions. Embracing both the right-hand and left-hand paths, the text reveals a unique vision of a Tantric physics utilizing all branches of Vaidika sciences: Yoga, Ayurveda, Jyotish, Vedanta, and Tantra.

Far from a dry academic text, Tantric Physics II: Sacred Body, Sacred Space reveals an intensely personal initiatic vision of the human body, Shivaite and Vaishnava gnostic streams, and the mysterious path of the Aghori leading unto the Womb of the Dark Goddess in all her intoxicating manifestations.

The intro music is “Awakening” by Paul Avgerinos ( and the outro music is “Diana Nemorensis (A Ritual in Four Parts)” by Noumenal Vibes x Giulia Turolla (

In the second half of the interview in the Chamber of Reflection, Craig and I continue to discuss Tantric Physics, diving very, very deeply into an exploration of gnosis, gnostic bliss, birth and death, and much more. In all my years of recording this podcast, few interviews have resulted in a more in-depth analysis and a discussion that goes straight to the heart. You do not want to miss this crucial conversation on the very nature and purpose of esoteric practice!  

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