Podcast 44 – Lon Milo DuQuette

Originally published on March 16, 2008

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Lon Milo DuQuette is one of the preeminent occult writers and speakers of modern times. His work spans the subjects of Tarot, ceremonial Magick, Qabalah, and religion. He injects insight, understanding, humanity, and humor into his work that makes it both enlightening and joyous.

Lon joins us to discuss his interest in the Thoth Tarot, Solomonic Magick, Qabalah, and his new book, “Accidental Christ – The Story of Jesus (As Told By His Uncle),” a work of historical religious fiction.

Our conversation also covers his research into the mythological King Solomon and the secrets of Masonry, a very humorous look at the occult correspondence of one “Stonehenge Equinox,” the importance of the contributions of Israel Regardie and the recently departed Dr. Christopher Hyatt, and the crucial concept of making life Magickal and not making Magick your life.

The Quotable DuQuette:

“I can only change one thing with Magick – myself.”

“Do I think I’m a holy man? Sometimes.”

“It’s all in your head. You just have no idea how big your head is.”

“If we can’t wake up to the fact that deep down inside we are good, then we deserve to remain asleep dreaming we are evil.”

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intro music by HipGnosis

outro music by Lon Milo DuQuette – “Sweet Babalon” (CD available here)

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