Podcast 59 – Exploring Science, the Strange and the Unknown

Originally published on April 14, 2009

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Foxfur Nebula

In this episode, we turn to writer Greg Fish for a scientific and skeptical perspective on a variety of interesting subjects. He provides this viewpoint in his blog Weird Things, “researching big things, looking for the amazing, the unexpected and illuminating old facts in a new light,” as well in his essays on science, technology and social issues for BusinessWeek.com. Our conversation begins with a brief analysis of the intersections of extraterrestrial life, ultraterrestrial intelligences, space travel, ancient civilizations, and theology.

Black Triangle UFO

Then we delve into the area of UFOs, secret government projects, advanced technology, ancient astronaut theory, and eschatology. Fish’s study of the occult, conspiracy, UFOlogy, and related scientific evidence is useful for his skeptical analysis.

Locutus of Borg

Our next subject is transhumanism, the philosophies involved, and the potential for future conflict. Lastly, Fish reviews the concept of conspiracy and some of the pitfalls.

Greg Fish has kindly offered the first two chapters of his fiction book “Shadow Nation” to listeners as a free download – “Shadow Nation” sample chapters PDF

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