Richard Andrew King

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Master numerologist Richard Andrew King is our guest in podcast episode 111. Richard describes his quest to understand the mysteries of life, which led him to the study of numerology. After much study and research, he eventually formulated “THE KING’S NUMEROLOGY© – a revolutionary numerology system of defining, describing and interpreting those energies and forces which comprise our lives and destinies.”

The Kings Book of Numerology Volume One by Richard Andrew King

Richard then explains the basics of numerology and how it can be practically applied to our lives. His system is devised and proven to allow one to interpret their life within a larger, more coherent context. Richard’s passion and expertise shines through in his clear descriptions. He also explains that there is more to life than what we can see and touch, the world of spirit is vast, we each have a purpose in life, and it is within our grasp to find out what that purpose is. Of course, this raises fundamental questions about the origins of our calendar, language, and the nature of human consciousness.

The Kings Book of Numerology Volume Two by Richard Andrew King

Richard then shares with us his knowledge about spiritual masters and his understanding of the requirements to gain progress on the spiritual path. He describes the masters as living links between us and the transcendent, and the role of the masters is to guide us home. Richard stresses that dedication, perseverance, and hard work are required to make spiritual progress. He also highlights the importance of balance in all aspects of existence.

Richard then shares his thoughts about the numerological significance of the times we’re living in now, as well as the future. His insightful observations provide a way to interpret our world in a highly systematic way. We conclude the interview by discussing the remarkable numerology involved in 9/11, and how its implications shape our future.

In The King’s Book of Numerology Volume One: Foundations and Fundamentals, Richard Andrew King had done something remarkable. He has provided seekers with comprehensive, but simple ways to interpret their lives and navigate the future. The book is essentially a doorway through which the reader may enter in order to begin seeing and interpreting the world in a way that is logical and magickal, albeit with a bit of work required. I found the information about numbers and their meanings to be entirely complimentary to other teachings in tangential areas such as Qabalah, Tarot, and Astrology.  If you’re looking to learn more about numerology, I highly recommend Richard’s book.

Richard Andrew King

Numerology Articles (including “Spires of Fire – A Tribute to 9/11”)

The King’s Book of Numerology, Volume One: Foundations and Fundamentals by Richard Andrew King

The King’s Book of Numerology, Volume Two: Forecasting Part 1 by Richard Andrew King

Messages from the Masters: Timeless Truths for Spiritual Seekers by Richard Andrew King

The Age of the Female: A Thousand Years of Yin by Richard Andrew King

Destinies of the Rich and Famous: The Secret Numbers of Extraordinary Lives by Richard Andrew King

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outro music – “Numerology” by Kukkiva Kunnas

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  • Richard King November 23, 2011, 4:01 AM

    Hello All,

    I want to thank Greg for having me on his show. He is an excellent host and interviewer, and I appreciate the opportunity and experience. However, I must apologize for some of the errors I made during my interview with Greg. I simply misspoke when quoting Pythagoras who said, “Numbers rule the universe, everything is arranged according to number and mathematical shape.” I intermixed part of a Newtonian quote with the Pythagoras quote. Too, the number 5 is ruled by the letters E-N-W; 6 is F-O-X; 7 is G-P-Y; 8 is H-Q-Z. Somehow I misspoke on this as well.

    Overall, in a personal critique I spoke much too much and far too fast, so I deeply apologize for this. Doing the interview was an excellent opportunity. I appreciate Greg having me on the show. I learned from it and will do my best to improve my interviewing skills.

    Thank you, Greg. Thank you all, and God speed.


    • NF January 9, 2012, 10:30 PM

      I just got around to listening to this one.

      Nice job Richard. You were a great guest. I didn’t think you talked too fast at all, and I loved how you just let the knowledge flow out of you. You were jamming! I caught the number 5 too, but figured it out by filling in the gaps. Nice one Greg. I think this was the best show of 2011! I know nothing of numerology, and as soon as I get a few $ scraped together I will be buying your book Mr. King.


  • Mikis Mazarakis November 23, 2011, 10:29 AM

    Thank you Greg.

    Your updates don’t come often but when they do, they are simply amazing. Thanks for focusing on quality.

    Bob Marley: “In the abundance of water, the fool is thirsty.”

    By the way, and just a quick note, I admire the late Mr Bob Marley incredebly much and it is my opinion that his influence upon this age has not been recognized as much as it ought to. I mean seriously, EVERYONE all around the world know who Bob Marley is, know at least a few of his songs, know that he was a true Ganja man – and above all, that he was for real.

    And lastly; it is my belief that Mr Marley was highly, highly aware of much occult knowledge. It would not surprise me if he, somewhere along his road to success was either initiated into Freemasonry or invited to do so, but declined.

    After all, Mr Marley was incredibly insightful, amazingly talented, charming, good-looking, positive, outgoing and had a worldwide audience – in other words, he was a very, very dangerous man to the darker sides of the occult universe.

    So, what I would really just like to say, is that I would be very much interested if you – or any other researcher – would dig around a little bit in the life of Bob Marley. I believe there’s a lot of interesting and controversial stuff to be found.

    For example: is it true that he received a ring from the son of the late Haile Selassie which was said to stem from the Ark of the Covenant, and of which Bob allegedely said: “It gives me magic powers”, or something along those lines.

    And seriously. I for one do not for a second believe that cancer was the true cause of death for Mr Marley. The farthest I can stretch is, in that case, that it was an induced cancer caused by poisoning or some other kind of slow, subtle, soft kill method.

    As I have understood it, along with him at his camp where he retreated after the his assassination attempt was a man – not belonging in the closest circle to him, but a little bit on the outside – who was the son of a CIA agent – which, in my opinion, is at least worthy of a little investigation. What was he doing there?

    Okey, I guess I just had to get that off my chest to someone – and I find your podcast to be the most interesting, intriguing resource for the mystical and occult right now.

    Mikis Mazarakis

  • Joseph harte November 28, 2011, 12:47 AM

    43 IS TRULY A GREAT NUMBER so is 66 and my ineffable names of god are better than yours
    Science conveyed in stories.
    Thats what Gematria Isopsephy is truly about.
    I can tell you that 43 is truly a great number
    Its like 66 the number of the great work
    So why is 43 a great number its written in the languages we use some of them anyway the GREAT ones but they are all great and ugly in their own way.
    A word for Great in Irish gaelic is MOR
    MOR in denary ogham is Muin,M=20 Onn,O=80 Ruis,R=60 a total of 160
    A word for great in hebrew GDVL
    GDVL in denary hebrew is Gemel,G=3 Daleth,D=4 Vau ,V=6 Lamed ,L=30 a total of 43

    Lets look at MOR again in ordinal ogham M=11 O=17 R=15 a total in ordinal ogham of 43
    People say god is great the the Irish word for god DIA = 277 denary high value
    And in ordinal value you guessed it DIA D=7 I=20 A=16 = 43
    One spelling of the word for the letter I is Ida = 43 ordinal ogam the Yew tree the oldest in the forest
    The letter word for E Edad = 43 Edad is aspen friend of birch why is aspen so great Edad = 184 denary so does Dagda=184.
    Even the gaelic demiuge the old serpent CROM CRUACH
    CROM = 169 in denary 100=E 60=R 9=C = ERC means red
    the ordinal value of ERC = 43 E=19 R=15 C=9 = 43
    Its all great even the phoenician god of thunder himself old BAAL in base 20 vigesimal ogham B=1 A=20 A=20 L=2 =43
    The denary value of BAAL is 143 but the ordinal value of BAAL in irish ogham is 35
    Whats so great about 35 well its the value of AGLA in hebrew but 35 is also the hebrew arabic and phoenician value of ADIR the phoenician word for great
    BAAL is 34 in hebrew arabic and phoenician by the way which is 43 backwards and also the value of a line on the 4×4 base jupiter square so have fun with that one ask him why Yahweh is so pissed with him maybe Jove is the planet and BAAL is just an uppity line who knows could just be the priests getting pissed at loosing its congregation and they made shit up.
    What else can be said about 43 lots of stuff but hey its half the fun when you find them yourself oh and about that number 66 ALLH in arabic = 66
    Whats so great about 66 DAGDA in base 20 ogham D=7 A=2 G=12 D=7 A=20 =66
    So we can test are base 20 counting on something else the word great MOR M=11 O=40 R=15 =66
    One more for the road just to drive the point home how did the Gaelic people see there god DAGDA
    similar to the way the hebrews saw YHVH (But way cooler of course)
    The secret whisper of YHVH in hebrew i,e, multiplying the Letter value by its position in the word is

    Add the new values up 10+10+18+20=58
    The ordinal value of DAGDA in Irish ogam
    D=7 A=16 G=12 D=7 A=16
    Add them all up = 58
    Wait I got one more YHVH is 26 in hebrew arabic and phoenician ALLH is 66 the number of the great work ALLH in ordinal ogham A=16 L=2 L=2 H=6 =26 TETRAGRAMATON
    and remember DAGDA in Base 20 Ogham D=7 A=20 G=12 D=7 A=20 =66
    DUIR AILM GORT DUIR AILM (DAGDA s consonants add to 26 ordinal)
    Now lets test YHVH ordinal value ogam YH=26 VH=24 = 50
    ALLAH with the second A base 20 ogam = 50

    YHVH = 26 in hebrew 50 in ordinal ogham and YH=26
    ALLH= 66 hebrew arabic ect 26 in ordinal ogam ALLAH =50 base 20 ogham
    (Another spelling of I the Yod in ogham is IDAD= 50 ordinal Yew the oldest in the forrest)
    DAGDA = 66 base twenty ogham and 58 ordinal the secret whisper in Hebrew of YHVH = 58
    Oh and I nearly forgot MOR in base 20 = 66
    But remember the irish word for great MOR denary = 160 thats 100=E 60=R E is 19 ordinal and R is 15 ordinal thats 34 which is BAAL in phoenician whos just as Great too.
    My ineffable name of god is better than yours but is it really have you checked
    Ok so we have a point to this post its simple really those who say gematria is a hebrew invention have their language wrong it is more correct to say gematria is the hebrew word for alphanumerical counting like Isopsephy is the greek name for the same thing.
    Those who say that the pagan cultures of europe not living in the Mediterranean did not use there alphabets and scripts for gematria ect are just lazy fuckers really lets be honest its a pain in the ass to put a gematria list together so best to just say it was not done so you dont look so stupid because you cant be arsed to check easier that way.
    Elder Futhark interesting thing about that Runic alphabet is we know its order because it has a notched numbered alternative similar to ogam
    Now coming back to ogham first the irish name for SUN = GRIAN again denary = 365 that many days in the year.
    ordinal value for grian = 68 notice 3 added to 65 = 68
    Elder futhark not to closely related to ogham just giving you some simple sun lore first
    ODIN ordinal value Futhark = 68
    THOR = 32 with TH as one letter =3 thurisaz
    What so special about that 32 lots of stuff but THOR the god of thunder related to Jupiter SOMEHOW
    The ordinal secret whisper of THOR in elder futhark multiplying the letter value by its position in the word
    = 66

    Look at that
    Western Europe could count and did count and my ineffable names of god are just as ineffable as yours.
    There are no coincidences only science conveyed in stories if you look hard enough dont forget to look again
    109 the earth = Ce = 109 (GREAT)

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