Rudolf Berger

My good friend Rudolf Berger, co-host of Occult of Personality podcast and the host of the Thoth-Hermes podcast, is our guest in podcast episode 193.

Known on the internet by his pseudonym Gnothi Seauton, Rudolf is the producer and host of the Thoth-Hermes Podcast, which can be found at He can also be heard as my co-host on the Occult of Personality podcast.

Rudolf has been interested in the world of esotericism and occultism for over three decades. A Freemason for more than a quarter of a century and a member of the Scottish Rite, his first interest in esoteric sciences came about when reading books by Rudolf Steiner. Later, after experiences in shamanism, Theosophy and ritual magic, he broadened his knowledge and personal involvement to many fields of the Western esoteric tradition.

Today Rudolf calls himself a “gnostic Hermeticist” with a very strong link to ceremonial magic. He is also greatly interested in sacred geometry and the implication of sound and music in the occult arts. “The longer I am active in this field, the clearer it becomes to me how closely linked many of those currents are, how their roots and aims are one”, Rudolf says. He is practicing the art mostly as a solitary worker but maintains links to several occult groups.

In the profane world Rudolf has been working very successfully in the field of the performing arts. He initially trained as an actor, speaker and opera singer, then mostly worked as artistic director and producer in the world of classical music and opera. Recently he quit the management field to place himself more extensively again on the creative side, mainly in writing and directing. And he has taken on the work of a funeral celebrant, trying to help the bereaved by creating and leading personal ceremonies to honor their beloved ones.

Rudolf lives near beautiful Vienna, Austria.

You can contact him by email at [email protected], on Facebook at and Twitter @thothermesat.

In the Chamber of Reflection, we continue this fascinating interview with Rudolf Berger. He discusses Thoth-Hermes podcast and the revitalization of the esoteric environment in Europe, his involvement with the Fraternitas Saturni, his appreciation for the Hermetic teachings of Franz Bardon, and more. Join us for that fascinating conversation!

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  • Claude June 9, 2019, 7:34 PM

    This ‘interview’ was absolutely fantastic.

    Rudolf is an amazing guy, this is a must-listen for anyone even remotely trying to ‘improve’ themselves or look into esotericism etc or truly want to ‘make the world a better place’ (it starts within).

    Rudolf please realize there are people out there who truly appreciate how you think (because yes, they too think like that), never stop what you’re doing and please never give up the fight, let’s try to get ‘good’ (open-mindedness, and knowledge..) to ‘win’ out in the end..

  • Johnny Dunstan August 12, 2019, 10:15 AM

    Brother JR Dunstan 18th Degree SR

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