Podcast 100 – Josephine McCarthy

Josephine McCarthy, author of The Exorcist’s Handbook, and many other excellent texts, joins us for our 100th episode!


Josephine has been teaching and writing about the Western esoteric tradition, as well as working as a consecrator and exorcist, for the past two decades. The Exorcist’s Handbook is a groundbreaking work that approaches the subject in a practical, thorough, and balanced manner (meaning McCarthy is deft at knowing when a bit of humor is required to break up the deadly serious nature of the text).

The Exorcist's Handbook by Josephine McCarthy

“Exorcism is a topic that immediately leads into a fog of sensational and paranoid religious expressions, in which any direction or clear vision is quickly lost. Josephine McCarthy slices through this fog with a brilliant sword of a book. While McCarthy is conversant with scholarship on the topic, and knowledgeable regarding many religious, esoteric, and other spiritual traditions, it is her hard-won experience as an exorcist which animates her writing. With good humor and common sense, all sensationalism is brushed aside, so that the student can get down to work. This is very much a “how to” guide, in which decades of experience are shared far more openly than any other treatment of the subject I have encountered.”
– Dr. John Plummer in Forward to The Exorcist’s Handbook

Die Bibel in Bildern

Josephine begins by providing an overview of her esoteric experience. Then she tells us she wrote the book to provide accurate, proven techniques for doing the work of exorcism. She shares her perspective on secrecy and the importance of approaching things with humor. We explore the non-religious nature of the possession phenomena, its similarity to mental illness, and some of the incorrect stereotypes that abound. Josephine also shares some of her amazing experiences performing exorcisms.

Stay tuned after the interview for a special message about the 100th episode.

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The Inner Library

The Exorcist’s Handbook by Josephine McCarthy

Exorcism” Wikipedia entry

“The Magickal Work of Josephine McCarthy” – Occult of Personality podcast episode 116

The Work of the Heirophant by Josephine McCarthy

Magical Knowledge Book I: Foundations / The Lone Practitioner by Josephine McCarthy

Magical Knowledge Book II: The Initiate by Josephine McCarthy

Magical Knowledge Book III: Contacts of the Adepts by Josephine McCarthy

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30 thoughts on “Podcast 100 – Josephine McCarthy

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  2. josephine

    HI Greg,
    thanks for having me on the show… I really enjoyed talking with you and I hope I didn’t swear too much (not very British you know).. and to those who listen… thanks for taking the time to listen to the ramblings of a mad occultist!

    1. rochester92

      Josephine – You’re most welcome … and thank you for such a wonderful interview! It was a pleasure speaking with you and I hope we can do it again soon. Perhaps next time we could talk about The Work of the Heirophant or some of your upcoming new books?

  3. Daniel Tatman

    Just a brilliant talk , Joesphine is someone i’d very much like to speak to myself – Not in regards to becoming and exorcist mind you … :)

    And Congratulations Greg on episode 100

    Great work mate

    much respect as always


    1. josephine

      Dan, you can email me at [email protected] thanks for the compliment!! its all down to Greg though, he is brilliant at interviewing..

  4. gary

    A most entertaining interview. Josephine cuts right through. i’ll order the book.

    Congratulations on #100, Greg. Quite a feat!


    1. rochester92

      Josephine – You’re too kind! You and the guests do most of the heavy lifting ;-)

      Michiel, Gary, and Steve – Thank you all so much!

  5. Rob

    Best episode so far! I really hope to hear Josephine on the show again. I’ve listened to a few other podcasts that like to have exorcists as guests and Josephine is the first I’ve ever heard that makes the subject actually make sense and not a mess of delusion.

    1. rochester92

      Rob – Thanks! I think Josephine will be back :) I agree with you – she’s a wonderfully honest, forthright, and her knowledge on the subject is unmatched in my experience.

  6. Suzi

    I found out about this podcast from Marcus Katz.. WOW! I learned SO much, and while I have never looked into the Abyss, I do want to learn more. I have ordered two of Josephine’s books “Exorcist” and I have just received “Magical Knowledge Book II The Initiate” I can’t wait to begin! Thank you!

  7. Brett

    Josephine I really enjoyed what you had to say especially about the part where you mention that the entities are just doing what they are meant to do. Too many times people think that everyone should and does think and feel the same way they do. They do not think about how they may have a different idea, motive or purpose.

    Great Work, i look forward to purchasing your book!

  8. Holder54


    Thank you so much for both this interview and your book… I am in the middle of my Daoist Mysticism studies and The Exorcists Handbook has become required reading for us… It is truly one of those pieces of work that shifts paradigms and for that, we all owe you a great debt of gratitude… I hope to hear you on a podcast in the future…

    Many Blessings…

    1. josephine

      dear Holder54,
      Thankyou for your kind comments and I am excited to read that the book has become required reading, rather than propping up someone’s table leg somewhere! I do hope to do another podcast at some point in the future with Greg to talk about the work reflected in the Magical Knowledge books.

  9. Janus

    Hi Josephine,
    I have actually met very few authentic magicians in my life. Many dilettantes, many so called ‘satanists’ and ‘setians’ and ‘thelemites’ , but very few actual adepts.
    From these people, one of whom was my mentor, I learned about how magic really works. Listening to you speak was refreshing and intriguing. It was really a ray of light in my world. I look forward to reading your work. Thank you so much for coming on this show. it really made me very happy to hear someone speak about things which touch the fabric of who i am. I would like very much to talk with you sometime.

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  11. Terrence

    Much thanks for this podcast! I love this quote:
    ” …it goes right down to the fundamental basics of that the monotheistic religions look at these beings as good or bad, evil or not, satan, the devil all of that, you know which is like, video games for idiots…”

  12. PombagirasPolly

    Late to the Party! However this was a most excellent episode and completely thought provoking which i adore!! Josephine is fascinating to listen to, (and someone i would love to meet one day *is very wishful*) boy did i learn a lot, which you can tell cause there was swearing and a bit of grumping, which is par for the course really *grins*

    I may have to go and listen to a bunch more of these now.

    Thank you!!



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