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Gabriel McCaughry, founder of Anathema Publishing Ltd. and author of (h)Auroræ is our guest in podcast episode 195. This is a special two-part episode and you will find the second half available at Rudolf’s Thoth-Hermes podcast at

“Gabriel McCaughry is the founder, editor, publisher, and contributing writer to Anathema’s PILLARS occult periodical, Gabriel has fully overseen the creation and publishing of several well-respected esoteric titles including Craig Williams’ Entering the Desert and Cult of Golgotha.

“A pilgrim in the Mystery Tradition, Gabriel is deeply fascinated with all subjects relating to Alchemy, Hermeticism, and the Nameless Arte . . . he walks the Path of a Luciferian Gnostic. His systemic (albeit very personal and customized) approach to praxes and devotion stems from a profound love . . . “

(h)Auroræ is Gabriel McCaughry’s first published manuscript – a tome which correlates directly with Anathema Publishing’s mandate, along with his unique views and methodologies on alchemical book-making. This is very much a continuation in the spirit of his previous contributions to the PILLARS occult periodical (and elsewhere), but within (h)Auroræ, these concepts are fully developed and actualized.”

(h)Auroræ, an exploration of the Gabriel McCaughry’s devotion to mystical alchemy is replete with cryptic verse, beautiful production, wonderful esoteric art and symbols all synthesized in an act of devotion to the quest for the Great Mystery. McCaughry’s book, like all of those he produces for Anathema Publishing, is an exemplar in terms of modern esoteric publishing. The artwork, fonts, paper, and book craftsmanship are exquisite. (h)Auroræ brings the tradition of cryptic alchemical texts into the twenty-first century with grace and beauty.

(h)Auroræ is a mystifying, albeit utterly profound journey. Part ontological synthesis, philosophical rambling, magical diary, visual grimoire, inspired mystical poem, revelatory/individuation process, and part alchemical vessel of expression, the book exists under the umbrella of what the author refers to as ‘Gnostic Luciferianism.’ First and foremost, however, (h)Auroræ exists as an act of eternal remembrance.”

Remember to catch the second half of this interview with Gabriel at the Thoth-Hermes podcast.

In the Chamber of Reflection, Rudolf and I ruminate over the recent interview with Mark Stavish about his book on egregores in a rather interesting conversation about humanity’s place in the scheme of things. And the member’s Q&A with Frater Ashen Chassan has been recorded and should be available in early February. Finally, our discussion circle around P.D. Ouspensky’s excellent book The Psychology of Man’s Possible Evolution is ongoing and the audio of the third lecture with discussion questions will be ready soon.

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