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In podcast episode 77, we’re joined by astrologer Lynn Hayes.

“Lynn has been a consulting astrologer since the mid-1980s, working with clients to achieve greater self-understanding and empowerment. She uses the birthchart to identify psychological and evolutionary patterns and systems, and then uses a powerful combination of methods including “vision crafting” to permit breakthroughs in all areas of life and heal old wounds that can prevent moving forward. Clients report rapid progress in breaking through areas where they formerly felt “stuck,” and achieving a level of self-understanding not before known. This is why Lynn calls her practice “Astrodynamics.””

Stars in the Sky

We begin our conversation with Lynn’s interest in astrology and her unique approach. Through the use of psychological astrology, Lynn is able to assist others transform their lives. She describes this process as an alchemical method. We discuss Western astrology from a historical perspective and Lynn explains how her methods are different and geared more toward personal growth instead of prediction. We examine the astrological correspondences and how these manifest with deep implications about the nature of reality and our psychological conditions.

Zodiac with Christ at the Center

We explore the concepts of fate and predestination compared to free will. Lynn explains how scientific research indicates that human consciousness is far more influential than we usually assume. The birthchart provides a way to understand ourselves and can be used as a map or guide to help navigate through life with great benefit, allowing one to be proactive rather than reactive. She then explains how current events, including the economy, relate and correspond to locations of stars and planets, providing a variety of examples. We discuss the implication of Pluto’s location in the heavens as well as Saturn and Uranus, whose positions in the coming months and years will highlight the transformation from concern with the physical and material to a focus on more spiritual matters.

Artists conception of the view from Pluto

We then delve into the realm where esoteric studies and conspiracy research converge. Lynn indicates that these intersection points are valid as guideposts to the way that, since ancient times, knowledge and wisdom has been kept from the majority of people. Lynn also explains how astrological practice and readings can serve as a tool we can use to become more aware of ourselves and our universe.

Summer Solstice Sunrise over Stonehenge 2005

Lynn’s approach to astrology, her knowledge of psychology and history, combined with her effective practical methods make her successful at what she does. I highly recommend that you check out Lynn’s web site, blog, and internet radio show to explore her work and gain the benefit of her expertise.

The second part of our interview with Lynn is available in the Occult of Personality Membership Section. She explains how to interpret a natal chart using Sir Francis Bacon as the subject.

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