Podcast 61 – Jake Stratton-Kent

Originally published on May 22, 2009

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In this episode, we’re joined by Jake Stratton-Kent. Jake is one of the leading proponents of English Qaballa and a long-time magician and researcher. As a practitioner of Goetia for over 37 years, his knowledge and insights are extremely valuable. Jake’s new book is entitled, The Encyclopedia Goetica Volume One: The True Grimoire, a beautiful edition available from Scarlet Imprint.

Pentacle of Solomon

Our conversation covers Jake’s esoteric experience and English Qaballa and its significance. He notes that this a true Qabalah that involves the English “language, a holy text, and mathematical laws at work between them.” From there, we turn to Goetia.


Jake explains why the Grimorium Verum, or True Grimoire, inspired him, including the syncretic composition, treatment of entities, and correspondences from many varied traditions. Interestingly, he also addresses the harm that arguments about whether the contacted entities are internal, external or both, might have upon the operations.

Lucifer sigil characters

[The “True Grimoire”] … enables the persistent seeker to see, essentially, what many have failed to see, that underlying Goetic magic is a hidden tradition of great depth and significance. It possesses a traditional methodology that confronts and deals directly with the same primal realities faced by our most remote ancestors; in which all later magic and religion had their original impetus, but which in the West is primarily preserved in Goetic magic alone. As the anthropology of pre-history has shown, it was this rejected knowledge that initiated human evolution, giving the capacity for abstract or symbolic thought first activated in magic and ritual, and thus for all subsequent scientific and cultural advances. In these elements, its integrated completeness and primal power, lays the importance, and the Truth, of the True Grimoire.
– Jake Stratton-Kent, excerpt from the “The Encyclopedia Goetica Volume One: The True Grimoire”, p. 10

I highly recommend this beautiful volume to anyone interested in practicing or researching Goetia. The analysis is extremely detailed and insightful allowing the reader to appreciate the majesty of this Work. The book is also another treasure from Scarlet Imprint, adding to their wonderful catalog.

The Encyclopedia Goetica Volume One: The True Grimoire by Jake Stratton-Kent

Scarlet Imprint

English Qaballa” by Jake Stratton-Kent

The Serpent Tongue: Liber 187 by Jake Stratton-Kent

Geosophia by Jake Stratton-Kent (read the introduction)

Underworld Apothecary

A Conversation with Jake Stratton-Kent” by Sir Richard Heygate

Hadean Press

intro music by HigGnosis

outro music by Aarni – “Logos”

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